Back to school


Unlike some students from this day and age, I actually enjoy school at most times. School, for me, is like an office. You go there every morning, you do your work and research and you go home. Your pay is an education.


Every morning, I seem to have become more and more annoyed. I hate getting up early. I feel sorry for my mum and dad. Poor them want to stay in bed but they have to take my little brother to school (I walk on my own). I actually wouldn’t mind going to school if it wasn’t so annoying. Every lesson, there is at least 4 idiots running around screaming and partying away without a care in the world. For folk like me, it is annoying because you get less out of the lesson. In year 7, we had 5 lessons, each 1 hour long. Now we have 6 lessons each 50 minutes long. In our lessons, we come from the previous lesson which takes 4-5 minutes. Then, we all have to collect necessary equipment which we are not obliged to bring ourselves (calculators, compasses, scissors etc…) This takes 2 minutes on a quiet day. On a giddy day, which is most, it can take up to 5 minutes to gather equipment. Then, everybody has to settle in another 5 minutes gone. Then we do the starter which takes 10 minutes. Then the register which takes 2 minutes. Then, finally, the lesson. We have 23 minutes to do a 45 minute lesson plan! This really happens! So I get the most out of the lesson (and my book), I take loads and loads of notes. Any knowledge of my own about that topic, I will also write that down. 


I don’t want a geek impression to come along here because as soon as I get outside, I am just like the idiots on the inside only worse. I am calm when I am back inside though.


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