Something strange in the waters of Sunny Brow Park, Gorton


Today, I was out, on my way to Tesco. For some reason, I decided to walk straight through Sunny Brow Park. This park isn’t a very pleasant park because of its dark water which is stale therefor, has an awful smell. In the past, the Manchester City Council have performed cleaning operations but unfortunately, it continues to fill up with dirt because the water comes from the highlands, straight through Debdale Park, through an old 1800-1940’s cemetery and then into Sunny Brow Park. Of course, it picks up lots of litter and grime on the way. If anything, I avoid this park unless i’m with my friends.

So there I was, walking through and out of the corner of my eye was a medium sized creature. It had lots of silver things that were probably its teeth. It had greeny-bluey skin. It didn’t have fins, it had legs. It seemed to be used to the water and didn’t look as if it was drowning. I was wondering if anybody knows what on Earth this creature is. It looks like the things that come from alien ships.